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Barrier Insurance Claims Info

We are happy to complete insurance claims for you. Please see our reception to discuss the procedure for making a claim. There is an administration charge of £18.60 to process the claim for indirect and £33.02 direct claims per condition, per year to complete the claim, which is non-returnable. No charge will be made for further claims for the same condition.

In certain circumstances we may be able to do a direct claim with your insurance company but this must be approved by the practice director.

In this case:

  • We require a pre-authorisation from your insurance company, which needs to be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to treatment. However, if it is emergency treatment, we will ask you to gain permission for us to speak to your insurance company and inform us of your policy details to proceed.
  • Claims must be in excess of £1000 per transaction. (Any further treatment for the same condition under £1000 needs to be paid and claimed back separately)
  • Details of your insurance policy must be provided prior to your pet’s procedure. We will need your permission to discuss the claim with your insurance company. Signed insurance form or insurance claim link completed and sent to our email ready for completion.
  • A payment of £100 plus 20% of your estimated bill as a deposit is required from which will cover your excess and any potential deductions. We will refund to you any amount in credit on your account after the insurance company have made payment. Should this not cover the deductions made by your insurance company we will require you to make up the shortfall.
  • Please note you will not receive your refund until we receive payment from the insurance company which can take up to 6 weeks. Some insurance companies pay policy holders a lot quicker, so if you do not want to wait for your deposit, we recommend claiming indirectly.
  • If you would like to discuss anything regarding your insurance, please speak to our Practice Director.