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Excellent Veterinary Care, With A Personal Caring Touch


At Barrier Animal Care Clinic we offer a range of operations and procedures from :

Surgery / Operations

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(Click on the surgery for detail information)


All planned surgical procedures are normally carried out Monday to Friday, but we do deal with emergencies over the weekend. Animals that have been booked in for an operation will be admitted between 8-9am.


Generally the vet will admit your pet and give a pre-anaesthetic examination. This is an ideal time for us to explain the consent form, tell you more about our pre-anaesthetic blood test or for you to let the us know about something else that may require doing wile your pet is at the clinic.


Pets should not have been fed after 8.00pm the night before an operation, to minimise the risk of vomiting during the procedure. We make use of the best in modern, safe anaesthetic drugs to minimise the slight risk that is involved with any procedure.


You will be updated during the day on your pets progress following their procedure.