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Preparation for Your Pet's General Anaesthetic

There are a few simple preparations to make when your pet is going to have an anaesthetic or sedation:


•  Adult cats and dogs must NOT be allowed to eat from 8pm the night before admission and can have access to water until 8am the morning of admission.


•  Young cats and dogs (under 6 months) must have a normal meal between 6-7am on the morning of admission.


•  Please bring your pet to the clinic between 8-9am on the day of admission, unless instructed otherwise. A vet or qualified veterinary nurse will admit your pet.


•  You will be asked to sign a consent form. Ensure that you know what your daytime telephone numbers will be, and that you leave them with us. Legally, the person who signs the consent form must be over 18 years of age.


•  You will be asked at admission whether you wish your pet to have a pre-sedation / general anaesthetic blood test. If you wish to have more information on this blood test before the day, please contact us.


•  You will also be asked at admission whether you wish your pet to have an identichip placed whilst under sedation/general anaesthetic.


•  If you wish us to provide an estimate of the cost of the procedure, we will provide one for you. Remember - this is an estimate, not a quote.


•  If you wish us to perform any other procedure on the day, such as a dental scale and polish, please inform us at admission.